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SUSTAINABILITY | 3 ways to use plantable seed paper

Did you know:

50% businesses waste is composed of paper.

Paper accounts for 25% of landfill waste.

93% of paper comes from trees.

May 31, 2022 – Main St. Group is committed to lowering these statistics and helping companies build on their sustainability programs, by offering eco-friendly options for in-store marketing campaigns. If you’re thinking about adding a paper bottle neck tag or value add to your next campaign, consider using a paper substitute like Seed Paper.

Seed Paper is a biodegradable eco-paper made from previously recycled paper products. It has been embedded with seeds, and when placed in a pot of soil or an outdoor garden, the paper will decompose, leaving the seeds to bloom into flowers, herbs, or fresh veggies.

In the United States, sustainability is rated as an important incentive to purchase for 61% of consumers, which increased to 63% in the consumer goods industry alone. Seed paper effortlessly showcases your brand values and communicate your environmental commitment through action. A do-good promise that positions your brand as a partner to the everyday consumer who goes above and beyond for the planet.

3 ways to use seed paper in future campaigns:

1. bottle neck-tag

Your brand lives on when you add a herb seed bottle neck-tag to your summer marketing program. Shoppers go home with a step-by-step guide on how to create a custom cocktail from their home-grown herbs provided by you.

2. coaster

Promote your brand long after the point-of-purchase with the perfect addition to an on-premise campaign. A vegetable seed coaster creates a unique customer experience that can be taken from restaurant to home kitchen.

2. post-card

Say thank you in a down-to-earth way. Watch your brand loyalty grow as your customers wildflowers bloom after planting a thank you card made from wildflower seed paper.

Seed Paper is an easy and affordable paper substitute that goes far beyond an in-store purchase and delivers an engaging customer experience, while staying 100% environmentally friendly. As industry leaders, we have a responsibility to take action and create a positive impact on our local communities and planet. Small steps lead to larger changes, and by adding seed paper to your next marketing campaign, you can grow your path to a more sustainable future and help consumers feel good about doing their part.