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CAPABILITIES | 5 ways to build a POS solution around a brand story

June 2, 2022 – Have you ever come across a good storyteller? Someone who captures your attention from the moment they start speaking. A person who can make you feel like the story they’re describing is your own. The language they use, the actions they make, the tone they speak. Everything comes together in one simultaneous moment and transports you to another world. We’ve all had experiences where we left wanting to hear more, but have you ever had that experience with a brand?

Human beings are built on emotion. We crave connection and seek out companies who make us feel like we’re more than just a number. Shifting the focus from product sales to human connection can be strategically executed through active storytelling. In fact, brand stories are 22x more memorable than facts & figures alone.

The alcohol industry is unique in the way that nearly 90% of consumers purchase products in brick-and-mortar locations, which has presented a challenge to top brands: How do we tell our story and connect with in-store consumers?

A Point-of-Sale (POS) solution could be the answer. They are retail marketing tools, when if done correctly, will effectively tell a brands story and build an in-store connection, while humanizing the company behind the product.

Not sure where to start?

5 tips to building a POS solution around a brand story:

1. Location, Location, Location…

Research where your customers shop and BE PRESENT! You can manipulate the retail floor with a POS solution, so consider where you want your product to be merchandised and figure out amount of space you’ll need to effectively design a solution that tells your brand story.

2. Identify Emotions

Understanding the psychology of a consumer is critical. Color scheme, solution size, and material used, are all factors that trigger different human emotions and should be considered when developing a solution to accurately tell your brand story.

3. Stand-out above the noise

Think about how many similar products consumers see when they walk into a store. Some walk in knowing exactly what they want, while others have no idea, and many are somewhere in between. A POS solution that connects to shoppers through storytelling can captivate their attention and create an easy path-to-purchase.

4. pick the solution that's right for your brand

5. Final destination

Deciding where you want to showcase your solution is key. Research different markets and trends to strategically pick stores in cities you want your business to grow.

You have the power to change the thoughts and feelings of in-store shoppers. Shift your focus from facts and figures to telling a story and watch the connection between your brand and consumer grow.