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Retail Solutions | How the Impulse Tower affects Purchase Behaviour

Sept. 15, 22 – The way people shop in retail stores has drastically changed since the Covid-19 pandemic. What once was an industry that thrived on face-to-face customer service, has since transitioned to self-checkout stations, kiosks that search the store inventory, and QR codes that direct shoppers to an online portal for at home delivery. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Harris Poll, 71% of customers revealed they had used self-checkouts, with 70% agreeing that they make shopping easier.

Customer service is slowly being replaced by the latest and greatest in technology, forcing retail marketers to find new ways to compete on the retail floor and capitalize on the consumers desire for a self-guided shopping experience.

As this point, you may be wondering how the shift in shopper behaviour affects traditional point-of-sale (POS) solutions. They’re already designed with shoppers in mind – Free gifts with purchase, larger-than-life displays that entice the consumer to join the brand story, and hangtags that offer instantly redeemable discounts on in-store product purchases. All of which are great marketing tools that elevate the brand experience, but don’t seem to tap into the impulse purchase behaviour that affects consumers who don’t yet know what they want or are looking for.

Impulse POS tools need to immediately engage a customer and build a unique experience just as a sales rep would. The Impulse Tower does just that. Its innovative design caters to the impulse shopper looking to be in-and-out quickly, with as little touch points as possible.

Let’s dive into how it can act as a self-guided shopping tool:

Creates in-store shopping efficiency

90% of traditional consumers do online research before they even enter the store, making it more and more difficult for retail brands to influence their purchase decisions when they walk through the doors. The Impulse Tower’s grab-and-go technology gives efficient consumers an easy path to purchase

Key to Product Placement

In North American consumers are faced with unlimited choices when they walk into a retail store, making it crucial for retailers to find new and innovative ways to stay competitive in-market. The Impulse Towers compact design not only helps brands manipulate the retail floor and get product merchandised in high-traffic areas, but also acts as a road map to purchase by giving consumers a clear destination while navigating their shopping journey.

Activates Impulse Shoppers

Did you know that impulse shoppers account for 40-80% of all in-store purchases. Consumers are attracted to the messages that advertising conveys, which is reflected in their purchase intentions and behaviour. Impulse Tower makes shopping easy – it easily moves product from the stand to the consumers hands and into their carts.

64% of people think that customer experience is more important than price in their choice of a brand. As marketing professionals, we are always looking for solutions that keep up with consumer’s wants and needs. It’s all about location, location, location…make sure your product is in the right high traffic areas, which will allow consumers to easy see your product giving them an opportunity to add their basket.