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August 9, 2022 – Did you know that a product on a supermarket shelf has less than 3 seconds to grab the attention of consumers!?

Packaging provides the first impression to consumers and plays a crucial role to getting product into their hands. It’s one of the biggest influences of purchase behaviour, with over one-third of consumers saying their purchase decisions are based solely on the product packaging. From the colour and shape to the graphics used, a well thought out packaging design is proven to attract the consumer.

In a market defined by competition, standing out above the rest is the name of the game. ElastiTag®   is a simple, yet versatile tool that’s designed to replace traditional packaging solutions and help draw attention to the product. A sustainable solution that comes in an unlimited number of shapes and sizes, proving that packaging doesn’t have to be big and bulky to make an impression.

Wondering where to start?

5 Creative ways to use ElastiTag® to drive brand awareness

1. Launch of New Product

Brands are constantly coming out with new products to stay competitive in the retail market. But what’s a new product without a successful launch!? An ElastiTag®  will help new products stand out from the rest no matter the location on the shelf.

2. Coupons and Discount Codes

Who doesn’t love a good deal!? Coupons and discount codes are an effective way to attract new customers and reward your loyal ones. Turn your ElastiTag®   into an instantly redeemable coupon that sits directly on your product and makes it pop off the retail shelf.


Did you know that free samples have been proven to boost product sales by 2000%!? ElastiTag®  makes it easy to attach mini bottles or sample packs to products to help incentivise consumers with a little something extra.

Step-by-Step Guide

Want to give buyers new ways to use your product? Add a recipe or instructional how-to to show just how versatile your product is, making your product a crucial ingredient for the next feast.

Enhance Brand Identity

An ElastiTag®   is the perfect tool to spread awareness of a brands new look or share brand values like, the mission statement, causes you believe in, charities you support, or an impactful message from your company.

More than 70% of purchase decisions are made at the point-of-purchase and marketing professionals are aware that drawing attention to their product is vital to enhancing sales.

ElastiTag®   is the ultimate marketing tool that allow consumers to go further with your brand. They stay in place better than traditional hang tags and are available in many different shapes and sizes. They have the power to print high quality graphics, bringing the product features to life effectively and efficiently.

Contact us today to discuss ways you can incorporate this versatile packaging solution that’s proven to draw the gaze of shoppers everywhere they go.