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RETAIL SOLUTIONS | 3 POS solutions to consider for the holidays

August 5, 2022 – The most wonderful time of year is just around the corner and while shoppers prepare their holiday shopping lists, retail marketers are gearing up for the busiest season of all. With almost one third of sales happening between Black Friday and Christmas alone, it’s key to start planning early and develop a strategy to take on the season.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when developing an effective holiday campaign, rather focus your time on what separates your brand from the rest and what will catch the attention of the consumer.

An effective holiday point-of-sale (POS) campaign will make your seasonal prep easier and we are here to help make it happen. Let’s explore some ways you can incorporate a POS solution into your holiday marketing strategy.

3 solutions to consider this holiday season

Holiday Hang Tags

Hang tags are a simple and affordable way to market a product in a new and exciting light. A versatile solution that keeps your product relevant to the season by offering things like a holiday cocktail recipe, seasonal promotions, or access to limited edition products. When a shopper sees a hang tag on a product, they instantly know you brand is offering something special and going above and beyond to better their brand experience during the holiday season.

Photography by: Russ Turner

Seasonal Bottle Decor

Save your customers time and money by swapping out the typical holiday gift bags and wrapping with an eye-catching bow. Fully customizable to match the brand’s theme and colours, these unique adornments are an easy way to elevate your seasonal packaging and allow consumers to worry less about wrapping and more about spending time with loved ones.

QR Codes

This holiday season you will find stores, brands, and companies using QR codes as part of their marketing strategies. From improving the shopping experience to offering discounts and promotions, QR codes are an efficient and effective way to connect with holiday shoppers. Not only do they improve the retail experience for consumers, but they are a powerhouse marketing tool that help companies measure their seasonal campaigns by providing specific data metrics like time, location, and frequency of scans.

Main St. Group is here to help with your holiday shopping list of ideas for you retail marketing campaigns. Get ahead of the competition and reach out to today to see how we can make an impact on your holiday season!