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NEWS | 3 types of shopper profiles

A shopper profile helps marketers define their target market so they can tailor their campaigns and resonate with consumers, ultimately driving product sales.  A profile can include things like demographics, geographic information, as well as interests and purchase behaviours.

Think about how you enter the store. What are you looking for and what will help you pick up.a product? Are you looking for products from certain brands? Are you looking for companies that offer the best deal? Or are you simply going to buy the product that stands out to you the most?

Basically, every shopper has a different path to purchase which can affect the performance of your product. Understanding your shoppers’ profiles—how they shop and what drives them to buy—will help you cater your store’s shopping experience to your unique shoppers’ needs and increase sales.

Here are 3 types of shopper profiles and suggestions on how to market to them:

The Bargain Hunter

Who doesn’t love a good deal? The bargain hunter, also known as the discount shopper, navigates the store based on who is giving them the best bang for their buck. Some may have researched before even entering the store, while other may go isle by isle looking for mark downs.

Use promotional pricing strategies: Promotional pricing is a marketing technique that involves using bundles, gift-with-purchase, or discount pricing to increase sales while also giving a good value to customers.

The Impulse Buyer

The Impulse Buyers needs are hard to predict and tend to have more generalized buying habits. They are more amp to add small, inexpensive products to their cart at the end or purchase, while also making larger spur-of-the moment purchases.

Make it simple to buy: Because impulsive consumers buy on a whim, they want to be able to complete their purchases fast and effortlessly. Using a point-of-sale solution helps get product merchandised in high traffic areas making your brand top of mind as they navigate the store.

The Indecisive Patron

We’ve all been there – Hesitant to make the purchase because of price, information overload, or not having enough information. The indecisive shopper struggles to make a decision and has a million reasons why they shouldn’t buy the product they’ve been looking at for 15 minutes. They actually have high purchase intent; they just don’t know what the right product is yet.

Use visuals: Signage and marketing materials that highlight product characteristics and advantages can assist customers in weighing their selections and understanding your offerings. QR codes with product information, feedback on best-sellers, product comparisons, can all assist the undecided consumer feel more confident and ready to buy.

Understanding different shopper profiles gives retail marketers an upper hand when it comes planning your in-store campaign. It will help narrow down what point-of-sale solution would benefit your campaign and boost product sales. Bottom line is don’t be afraid to get to know your customers – it can be the different between a successful campaign and one that flops.