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CAPABILITIES | 5 steps to order fulfillment

June 21, 2022 – Fulfillment is the critical process of receiving, packaging, and shipping orders off to customers. Over the years, Main St. Group has developed an in-house process that is built around efficiency and reliability. Our goal is to get orders to customers as quickly and inexpensively as possible and our team of experts are trained to support the tasks needed to complete the fulfillment of product offerings, like value-adds and gift boxes, from start to finish.

5-step breakdown

1. Scope meeting

Whether it’s in-person, or over video chat, there will be an initial meeting to review the project scope and answer questions such as:

  • What type of fulfillment is required?
  • Do we need to design a custom pack/box/display?
  • What will go into the pack?
  • Do you have samples to start the sizing process?
  • What are timelines/deliverables?
  • Is there a distribution list for finished packs?
  • How do these need to be packed?

2. Receiving

A “Receiving Report” is completed for any client who supplied “loose goods” to ensure we have the products required prior to starting the fulfillment process. If needed, our team will log “Best Before” or “Batch Numbers” of supplied goods for traceability and assign all new kits with a Main St. Group batch code.

3. Fulfillment

The hand-work line is set up with several stations based on the number of components being packed or re-worked. The finished product can be palletized on regular pallets or CHEP pallets and prepped for client pick-up and bulk shipping.

4. Rep Distribution

If products are being sent to reps or merchandizing companies in North America, we will prepare the individual waybills and advise the courier companies when to pick up. Tracking numbers are recorded for all shipments to provide status updates at any time.

5. overs and damages

Any left-over material is itemised and shipped back to client. If required, Main St. Group can supply photo evidence of all damages and either ship them back or dispose of them at our warehouse. Damages are kept at Main St. Group until the end of the project and only disposed of with client approval.

Efficient order fulfillment is key to brand reputation, company profits, and client retention and Main St. Group is committed to helping companies fill their orders an get product offerings shipped in a timely manner.