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June 14, 2022 – Main St. Group is excited to announce our partnership with Solo Stove and that we are now distributors of their entire outdoor collection.

Solo Stove products were designed with one goal in mind: create good for you, whatever that may be. Whether it’s a beachside sunset, a campsite in the mountains, or roasting marshmallows in your own backyard, these versatile products help you worry less and adventure more with the ones you love most. Their compact designs make their products easy to take on any adventure and are built to turn good moments into lasting memories.

Main St. Group is very excited about our new partnership with Solo Stove and becoming distributors of their innovative line of outdoor products. We look forward to creating a new type of brand experience with these customized solutions. This partnership makes it easy to tell brand stories and turn good moments into lasting memories. – Bob Mooney, CEO of Main St. Group

Product Highlights

Fire Pits

The Signature 360° Airflow Design™ and the double-wall structure creates a super-efficient secondary burn, which means less smoke compared to other fire pits. They are efficient, long lasting, and portable, so you can get up go wherever you are.


This intuitive design levels the playing field for beginners and enthusiasts, making it easy to entertain a refined palate with a wood-fired flavor, or indulge in a quick weeknight splurge with the convenience of propane-fueled flames.


Grilling reinvented with the Signature 360° Airflow Design™ that creates a convective heating environment you won’t have to mess with. The ultimate no-hassle approach to charcoal grilling that makes everyone a master.

Camp Stoves

Elevate campground cuisine with a Solo Stove made small enough to bring on epic adventures, but big enough to pack a punch.

Give you customers the gift of adventure by adding a Solo Stove product to your next in-store campaign.