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Mar. 24, 23 – A point-of-purchase display (POP) is intended to do one main thing; attract shoppers’ attention and boost in-store sales. POP displays may be used to promote new products, a special promotion, or a seasonal product. They are separate from the standard aisle shelf display and can be customized to tell your brand story.

Here are five benefits of marketing with POP displays and how they can dramatically boost your sales:

1. Captures Attention

One of the biggest benefits of POP displays is that they are visually striking, interactive, and come in many shapes, forms, and sizes:

2. Ensures Effective Merchandising

When POP displays arrive at the store, they will help ensure that your products are displayed properly. They allow the brand to manipulate the retail floor and get product into high traffic areas.

3. Increased Brand Perception

High-end custom displays leave shoppers with a lasting impression that your brand stands for a high-end product. Poorly designed displays can lead the shopper to have less trust in the product and your brand. For brands looking for an elevated perception of their product, a well-designed POP display may be the right solution.

4. Targets Impulse Buyers

Customers make about 80 percent of buying decisions inside the store, and POP displays help push these impulse purchases. They entice the customers to grab one of your products even if they had not initially planned so.

5. High ROI

Approximately 85% of all purchases worldwide still take place at the physical retail store rather than online and product interaction before the purchase remains a key factor that drives up sales. POP displays are very effective, especially for fast-moving consumer goods, making them one of the best investment brands can make to promote product in-store.

Effective merchandising at retail is a common theme brands struggle with. POP displays help products stand-out in-store and connect brands to consumers through an elevated customer experience. They are a versatile and cost-effective way to help boost your bottom line and personalize the shopping experience.