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April 21, 23 – In the United States, sustainability is rated as an important incentive to purchase for 61% of consumers, which increased to 63% in the consumer goods industry alone. It can be difficult to find partners in POS marketing that offer sustainable options, but luckily Main St. Group has made the conscious effort to seek out eco-friendly solutions that help our clients to go green.

Corrugate Display

Siponey Spritz Co.™ put the planet at the forefront of their business with this 100% eco-friendly floor display. The 4-shelf stand, and case stacker combination was designed for versatility and had 3D elements to showcase the award-winning spirit-based cocktail brand in large spaces.


The Eco-Retail display is constructed of corrugate and held together by paper shelf clips. A sturdy and versatile material that’s cost effective and commonly used to create semi-permanent retail displays. With clips made from a natural fibre which decomposes within 90 days, these design elements come together to create the perfect sustainable display.

Seed Paper

Seed Paper is a biodegradable eco-paper made from previously recycled paper products. It has been embedded with seeds, and when placed in a pot of soil or an outdoor garden, the paper will decompose, leaving the seeds to bloom into flowers, herbs, or fresh veggies. Seed paper effortlessly showcases your brand values and communicate your environmental commitment through action.

As industry leaders, we have a responsibility to act and create a positive impact on our local communities and planet. Small steps lead to larger changes, and by adding seed paper to your next marketing campaign, you can grow your path to a more sustainable future and help consumers feel good about doing their part.